Marcia J. Brewer, A Professional Law Corporation

Over 30 years of Family Law Experience...

Experience does make a difference...

        Marcia Brewer is committed to providing high quality                       representation to her clients in the area of divorce/family               law.  She advises resolving family law cases by negotiation               and settlement.  However, in some cases, that is not                           possible.  When that cannot be achieved, she provides strong         and effective representation at trial, utilizing her extensive             litigation  background experience. 

       In Family Law, she works in the following areas:

  • Divorce /Dissolution (contested and uncontested)

  • Mediation

  • Child Custody and Visitation

  • Move Away cases

  • Child Support

  • Property Division (contested and uncontested) 

  • Spousal Support/Alimony

  • Pre/Post Marital Agreements

  • Post Judgment Modifications

  • Domestic Violence/​Restraining Orders

  • County Child Support matters

  • Paternity Cases

  • Adoptions

  • Criminal Defense in Domestic Violence Matters

  • Contempt Orders​

  • Limited Scope Representation                                                                                               

     Ms. Brewer has over 30 years of experience helping clients            resolve their family law legal issues.  Ms. Brewer interacts              with  her clients in a straight forward manner, with honesty,          integrity  and ethics that serve her client's best interests.  Her        practice is  limited in size and scope in order to provide the            best, personal  service to each client.  Ms. Brewer makes                  herself personally  available and accessible to her clients to            assist them as issues  and questions arise.  Serving your needs      is her number one  focus as she knows the significance the              final outcome of a case  can have on your life.

​     Effective, expert, cost effective, wise and compassionate legal        representation.

     Ms. Brewer is now offering limited scope representation.  A            flat rate for specifically defined and agreed upon legal                      services.


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